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Innovations & Technology

photoAQUA PROCESS INC. (API) HAS ALWAYS LOOKED FOR NEW WAYS of doing business in our marketplace. Over the years, our research department has developed new technologies that have made Aqua Process stand out from the competition. We treat our customers with the approach that if their needs do not fit a cookie-cutter approach, then we create solutions and technologies that will.

  • High Molecular Weight Coker Antifoam: API was the first company to use high molecular weight antifoam to reduce silicone carryover in a coker; hence, reducing catalyst fouling in hydrotreaters.
  • Lube Extraction Antifoulants and Corrosion Inhibitors: For 30 years we have successfully reduced fouling and corrosion in lube extraction units. We are considered the leader in these applications.
  • Cost Reduction Program (CRP): CRP is an innovation by API to reduce water treatment costs by 30-40%.
  • Low Maintenance, High Durability Feed Equipment: API designs and manufactures low maintenance feed equipment that can withstand harsh environments.
The solutions and technologies noted above are examples of problems that our customers have brought to us to solve. API welcomes you to contact us to discuss how we can help you resolve your needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

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